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PCIE link up problem

Question asked by 千 浪 on Mar 24, 2014
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I am debugging the PCIE unit of our own IMX6Q board,till now,PCIE can not link up.


1.The attach file is our schematic,is there any problem with schematic.For addition,signal PCIE_RST_N and PCIE_PRSNT1 has been checked,and no problem is found.CLK signal is 100M.

2.Our PCIE EP device is (10/100/1000Mbps)NIC,and the Instructions says it supports PCI Express 1.0a。The IMX6Q PCIE PHY support  Revision 2.0 and  Revision 1.1.So if there is some compliance problem?

3.Since we just use the NIC device to check our PCIE unit,so we can choice some other device as well.What is the EP device that freescale use it to check their own board,if I can use it,our develop can be easier.


Any one can help me? Any idea is welcome.