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sb_loader.exe not supported for imx6 solo

Question asked by Stephen Dickey on Mar 20, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2014 by Kevin Wong
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The original thread was closed, and never answered.  The community needs an answer to this question, if you could please reply, it would be very helpful.


1) It looks like sb_loader.exe is not being actively maintained.  it does not work with the imx6solo microprocessor in the same situation where the manufacturing tools detect and talk to the board.

2) Since the 3.10.17 based manufacturing tools are not really working (we have a custom kernel, and we need to bootstrap our own kernel, and cannot use the old 3.0.35 kernel from the existing manufacturing tools) we have a serious problem moving forward with a windows-based bootstrap method.


sb_loader.exe, like imx_usb for windows, is a very simple, very straight-forward tool.


It would be EXTREMELY valuable, for this tool to work.  It would enable the community to bypass the horrific problems with the manufacturing tools.  It would enable us to move forward, get our boards programmed with the u-boot, and frankly, get on with our lives (in a manufacturing environment... which is where freescale makes $$$!!)


Yes, I can use imx_usb on linux.

Yes, I can manually flash contents after the manufacturing tools bootstrap the device.

No /dev/utp does not come up when I use a 3.10.17 based kernel without the file_storage.c/fsl_updater.c code, as replaced by the MASS_STORAGE code.


the manufacturing tools are NOT built yet properly for 3.10.17.  So.... PLEASE, support sb_loader.exe for the imx6solo microprocessor FIRST.  THEN do the manufacturing tools.  I'll happily use both, but I need to get on with my life ... NOW.