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USBDM programmers problem

Question asked by Dorin Horvath on Jan 6, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2014 by pgo

     Hi pgo

   Thanks for your work on USBDM.

  I recently built a JS16 minimal version, installed USBDM_4_10_6c (small problems with mergeXml program) and loaded

a flash image with your bootloader without problems.

  The stand-alone HCS08 programmer does not start from start menu (USBDM has encountered a problem and needs to close)

but it works with CodeWarrior 6.3 (I was able to program an old Gt16A).

  The same happens with all other programmers.

  If I delete hcs08_devices.xml from DeviceData, the stand-alone HCS08 programmer starts from HCS08_FlashProgrammer.exe

(with Invalid Database in Device Selection field) .

  My laptop is an old Dell C610 (P3 proc and USB 1.0) with XP. I also tried USBDM_4_10_6_105 and Drivers_1_2_0_Win_x32

on my wife`s laptop (Vaio dual-core with Vista) and everything worked perfect.

  Is it possible that USBDM stand-alone programmers have problems running on old computers?


                                          Best regards to you.