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TWR K60N512 uart ISR triggering using mqx 4.0

Question asked by Shiju C G on Dec 17, 2013
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I am using TWR K60N512 with mqx 4.0 .I need to create an ISR function for uart3 interrupt that trigger whenever a character is received .I tried to create an ISR  function, but it never gets triggered.

These are my initialization steps


#define RS232CHANNEL "ittyd:"



   rs232_dev = fopen( RS232CHANNEL, BSP_DEFAULT_IO_OPEN_MODE );


   _nvic_int_init(INT_UART3_RX_TX, 2, TRUE);  




   _int_install_isr(INT_UART3_RX_TX, uart3_rx_tx_isr, rs232_dev);



I have enabled the ITTYD in userconfig.h 



The following is the ISR function that i created.

void uart3_rx_tx_isr


      pointer user_isr_ptr



   uchar ubUDR;

   if (fstatus( rs232_dev ))


       ubUDR = fgetc( rs232_dev );






Can anybody provide me a sample code for the same  or help me to create an ISR that trigger whenever a character is received?.