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SDRAM not working on MPC8260A

Question asked by Eugene Todoruk on Oct 9, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2013 by alexander.yakovlev

Hello everybody,


I work with specific board with MPC8260A (HiP4 Rev 14, Mask B.1 4K25A) and 128MB SDRAM (MT48LC32M16A2 ). I try to configure MODCK_H and I see following. When I set MODCK_H = 5 SDRAM is working, but in any other case I get many SDRAM errors. Why is this happening?


There are plenty of ways to configure MODCK_H listed in the MPC8260AEC document.

I can not configure MODCK_L, it usually has 111 value.

My SDRAM has input clock 33.333 MHz.


Working variant:

MPC8260 Clock Configuration

- Bus-to-Core Mult 3x, VCO Div 2, 60x Bus Freq  33-100, Core Freq 100-300

- dfbrg 0, corecnf 0x08, busdf 3, cpmdf 1, plldf 0, pllmf 1, pcidf 3

- vco_out  133332000, scc_clk   33333000, brg_clk   33333000

- cpu_clk   99999000, cpm_clk   66666000, bus_clk   33333000


CPU:   MPC8260 (HiP4 Rev 14, Mask B.1 4K25A) at 99.999 MHz