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How do I change the IMX6 UART clock speed

Question asked by Siva Alagarsamy on Sep 19, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2016 by Le Tan


I have a IMX6 quad core development board. I am running Yocto linux on it. I need a custom baud rate of 1041667 on a serial port to talk to a device. With the current UART clock speed of 80MHz, I won't be able to get that particular speed. If I can change the UART clock to 50MHz, the base baud rate will be 3125000 and with a custom divisor of 3, I will get the 1041667 baud rate.
I understand that the UART clock speed is derived from a main clock that is used for CPU and other subsytem.  Where do I start looking to change the clock speed for the UART?