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Sleep/Suspend/Power Off on i.MX53 Kernel 3.0.15

Question asked by MAURICIO CIRELLI on Sep 4, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2014 by MAURICIO CIRELLI

Dear community,


We are using Android 4.0.4 ICS BSP from Symbio (a Freescale partner) which runs Kernel 3.0.15 on a custom i.MX53 board. This board uses Freescale MC34708 PMIC.

As Kernel 3.0.15 does not support QSB-R, we do not have any reference code for developing the following features:

  • Android Power Off
  • Android Suspend
  • Android Resume from Suspend (a signal is sent to PWRON1 pin from MC34708 PMIC when device needs to wake up).

Can anyone help us with source code for our board? Currently, our board is not resuming from suspend mode and is not powering off. Also, there are several tasks we need to implement before suspending, such as turning off some power supplies.


Any help would be much appreciate.


Best regards,