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IMX.6 Dual/Quad parallel camera port 20bits mode

Question asked by Michal Kaczmarek on Sep 3, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2015 by nagendra sarma

Hello everybody


I have a question about CSI camera parallel interface.
The document IMXDQRM in Section 1.4,, is written that a parallel camera interface is up to 20 bits.

But in Section is written: Parallel Interface
In parallel interface a single value in each clock arrives, except when working in BT.1120
mode, In Which two values arrive in each cycle. Each value can be 8-16 bit wide
According to configuration of DATA_WIDTH. If DATA_WIDTH is configured to N,
then 20-N LSB bits are ignored.

Is it possible to work with this interface so that you can receive a 20-bit words? If so, how to configure the interface?