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IPU Usage on IMX6 processor..

Question asked by Mughees Ahmed on May 8, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2013 by LinWang
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Hi, I have some questions regarding IPU.

1. Are the counters mapped to specific pins like DRDY, HSYNC and VSYNC?If yes how this mapping is done? There is some mapping given for asynchronous case but it is also very unclear.

2. In template micrcode memory in SYNC field what does unit# stands for in Sync with unit #1 etc? Do they associate with counters?

3. I want to run a display 800X400 that works with DRDY pin and other data pins instead of VSYNC and HSYNC. I am unable to get anything on DRDY. Can you explain me a simple flow how to do that. I mean how a counter would display waveform for DRDY pin? I'll be grateful if you answer my questions. Thank You.