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Using TPMCH0 on S08 MCU as a Counter from external square signal source

Question asked by eduardobuezas on Apr 18, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2013 by bigmac

Hello colleagues!

I'm a starter in MCU programming.


I'm in a project where I need to use S08 pin TPMCH0 as an
external square signal input, and count the number of pulses there. I selected
a Capture component in CW, but unfortanetly couldn't neither configure nor
create a C code to get the count on this TPM register. When I try to set Reset
and Get commands, compiling returns me a lot of errors regarding de arguments
and definitions I couldn't resolve.


Do you have a clear example of how to handle this issue,
I mean, a file with examples of similar applications, or could you guide me in
how to resolve this situation?


Thanks in advance for your quick response and knowledge.


Eduardo Buezas