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RTS/CTS handshake confusion

Question asked by ThomasG1z on Jan 25, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2013 by Rafal Fabich

In the datasheet for the i.MX6 it states that the CTS is always output and RTS input regardless of DCE/DTE mode selected. Then how can it work in DTE mode then, when the RTS would be a signal going out to the connected device/modem and CTS should be a response from the connected device/modem..?


In the datasheet of the i.MX53 (assuming the UART function block would be similar) there's a table in chapter 76.1.3 that states opposite (and what I would assume correct) direction for these signals, changing direction according to DTE/DCE mode. But then later in chapter it states for instance that CTS is always _output_... as in the i.MX6 documentation.


Ok, I'm confused, or missing something obvious in the documentation in what should be pretty basic...