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Linux Kernel Debugging

Question asked by Dean Saridakis on Jan 15, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2013 by Dean Saridakis

Let me preface this with a few things about Debug Configurations & Remote Systems I've had some trouble with and/or found confusing:

- The nomenclature, especially connect vs. attach. Attach leaves the target state intact, but connect does some kind of initialization?

- Having to define a project just to attach to target is kind of strange. Especially when you just want to poke around the hardware.

- I still haven't found a way to get into the system at PBL time, before the processor core starts executing. In general how can I just do low-level h/w access/check-out? Guess I'll have to mess w/ the rcw in flash to break after PBL?


Anyway, I'm trying to use CodeWarrior (through JTAG) to step through some of the kernel initialization code. Seems like the best way to approach this is to download everything through CW/JTAG. (although loading w/ u-boot & breaking @ _start would be a lot faster - suggestions on that welcome)


Misc background:

- Running on P5020DS

- Built kernel on linux w/ SDK 1.2 (no changes)

- Running CW on Win7

So I followed the instructions "Tutorial: Debugging the Linux® Kernel." I found step b confusing:

    • From the left panel, open the attach launch configuration.

I took "attach" literally at fist, which doesn't download anything. So then I went w/ download. U-boot got a significant way through loading out of flash (after reset) before CW took over -- not sure if that matters. At any rate linux took a machine check early on (in MMU init) & didn't boot.

A couple things in the instructions that I'm assuming a correct, but caught my eye:

  • In the Initialize target column, check the check box for core 0. (both cores targeted & being run out of reset)
  • Left "Enable Command Line Settings" unchecked (not sure if this means linux command line or if the init script is smart enough to set this it)

Something else that bothers me a little is that CW only shows core 0. Coming back after the fact, looks like core 1 is off running where u-boot left it, which seems harmless, but at some point the linux debug session needs to pick up core 1.


I also seem to often get in a state where the USB JTAG is stuck w/ errors. (possibly when connecting instead of attaching?)


Note: I can attach my linux kernel project to a target system w/ linux already running (via uBoot).


Thanks in advance for any help.