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Debugging code starting at 0xC000

Question asked by Teckna Teckna on Jan 14, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2013 by Teckna Teckna

Hi all,


I'm using CW 10.2, MQX 3.8.1 and Kinetis K60 target.

I placed my code at address 0xC000 but i am not able to debug it.

When i try to debug my code, CW makes code downloading accurately but entry point is not my main but 0xfffffffe.

This is my memory layout in linker file:



   vectorrom   (RX): ORIGIN = 0x0000C000, LENGTH = 0x00000400

   cfmprotrom  (R): ORIGIN = 0x0000C400, LENGTH = 0x00000020

   rom         (RX): ORIGIN = 0x0000C420, LENGTH = 0x00073BE0  # Code + Const data 

   ram         (RW): ORIGIN = 0x1FFF0000,LENGTH =  0x00020000  # SRAM - RW data



   # kernel space starts after RAM variables (Location of MQX Kernel data + MQX heap)

   end_of_kd   (RW): ORIGIN = 0x2000FFF0, LENGTH = 0x00000000


   # Boot stack reused by MQX Kernel data

   bstack      (RW): ORIGIN = 0x2000FA00, LENGTH = 0x00000200  # Boot stack

   end_bstack  (RW): ORIGIN = 0x2000FBFF, LENGTH = 0x00000000



   # extdatavar  (RW): ORIGIN = 0x60000000, LENGTH = 0x0005C000  # external SRAM - RW data

   exttpnvar   (RW): ORIGIN = 0x6005C000, LENGTH = 0x00004000  # external SRAM - RW data

   extramdisk  (RW): ORIGIN = 0x60060000, LENGTH = 0x00020000  # external SRAM - RW data




Can you help me?