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PHY Interface for K60

Question asked by David Boyd on Dec 17, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2012 by Mehmet Ekici



I'm designing hardware that interfaces a K60P100M100 MCU with an Ethernet physical interface.  I am looking for a reference design that includes the connection details of the PHY chip (such as a KSZ8041NL) to the K60, including the optimal configuration for clocks etc....  Probably an RMII rather than MII interface.


The TWR-SER board has lots of superfluous links and configuration options which I'm finding confusing as a reference design.  For example I don't believe I would need the NB2304 clock distribution chip if both the MCU and PHY are running from a single 50MHz clock.


Some references have also indicated that the RMII mode is preferred as there is overlap on some devices with the JTAG interface.


Can anyone point me to a schematic for this already done on the same PCB?  Help appreciated.