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Boot issue using prebuilt  android images for i.mx6Q -SABRE (MCIMx6Q-SDB) from SD card(SD3)

Question asked by Hemal Gandhi on Dec 14, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2012 by Hemal Gandhi

I am trying to boot-up the i.mx6Q quad core (MCIMx6Q-SDB) board by downloading the p rebuilt  demo images for android .I have perform the following steps.


1.  I have inserted the 8 GB SD card in SD3(J507) slot. I am using MFG tool( version Mfg tools Rel-12.09.01_GA_MX6Q_UPDATER)  to download images on SD card.I have put required images in android folder of mfgtool updater. (boot.img, recovery.img,system.img and u-boot.bin)

2. I am  settings boot switch sw6 as 00001100(1 to 8 bit) while it is in download mode. When MFG tool completed its download to the SD card, i power off the board and then reset the SW6 switch to 01000010 ( MMC2 (SD3) boot) but its not booting up.

3.  Some time it does not get the "booti" command and some times it stuck in downloading the u image.


I have checked the SD card using fdisk command and found that it has only one partition instead of it should have 9 partition.


Is there any change in the step i mentioned above?. I am using prebuilt demo android images from (\image_imx-android-r13.4-ga_6qsabresd.tar\image_imx-android-r13.4-ga_6qsabresd\sabresd_6dq\SD) . Is there something missing here? Please help..