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ZigBee dongle with pre-installed firmware?

Question asked by Johan Cockx on Nov 28, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2014 by Alan Led Collins Rivera

Does Freescale sell any USB dongles that provide ZigBee (or at least 802.15) connectivity without requiring me to develop my own firmware?


From what I gather by looking around on internet,  the most common way to use ZigBee is by developing application-specific firmware. 

As my current project is a feasibility study only and I have limited experience with firmware development,  I would prefer to skip that step. The idea is to plug a USB dongle into an existing embedded computer and modify only the application on that computer to obtain connectivity.


There seem to be some dongles around that communicate with the host computer using an AT style command set.  My hope is that that will be sufficient to evaluate important porperties for this project,  such as maximum throughput of the ZigBee link,  and the performance of automatic network configuration.