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Load/Flash the android image in SD card

Question asked by ARUN KUMAR THARANICHELVAN on Oct 31, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2013 by Vishal Jain


I have I.MX53 QSB and I'm using Adeneo Ginger bread android source files downloaded from their website. I'm able to build an android image from the adeneo source files. I used the flash android image script and also tried the flash prebuilt image script. The script was executed successfully but when I insert the SD card and power on the board nothing happens. I think I'm missing something very simple.

I don't have a touchscreen display yet, so I'm just using the VGA display. Will I be able to use it only with touch screen? I saw few posts on setting some U-boot environment variables to make it work with VGA display but I wasn't able to understand it completely.

Firstly, I wasn't sure whether flashing the image is success. I can confirm only if I can see the OS booted in the screen and for that I need to make it work with a VGA display. Any help or directions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!