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Freedom board - "Device is secure. Erase to unsecure?"

Question asked by Thomas Jespersen on Oct 21, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2014 by Erich Styger

Everytime we try to program, debug or erase our Freescale Freedom board using the OpenSDA JTAG interface we get this error inside CodeWarrior:

"Device is secure. Erase to unsecure?"


The board has been working fine before.

Then we used the "Flash Programmer" inside CodeWarrior to program one of the binary files (.bin) from the "kl25_sc" package (sample codes) and since that we haven't been able to program, debug or erase.


Has the device mistakenly been put into "Mass erase disable"-mode? If yes, howcome and why did this happen - CodeWarrior didn't even warn us!?


Regards Thomas