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LTIB for iMX6 on 12.04: LTIB

Question asked by Bill Hegardt on Sep 4, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2013 by Omveer Chaudhary
[ My sincere apologies for sending this as a message rather than posting it. Ooops. ]

I'm trying to build LTIB on Ubuntu 12.04 for the iMX6.

I using LTIB from L3.0.15_12.04.01_ER_source.tar.gz
I've run into numerous problems and applied patches to resolve them until I hit this one which I don't know how to handle. The patch I found from VJ does not fix this.  Any ideas?

[ I'm wondering if I should give up and try Linaro instead ]

Processing: elftosb
Build path taken because: no prebuilt rpm,
Testing network connectivity

Try elftosb-12.04.01.tar.gz.md5 from the GPP
10:04:00 ERROR 404: Not Found.
Try elftosb-12.04.01.tar.gz from the GPP
10:04:00 ERROR 404: Not Found.
Can't get: elftosb-12.04.01.tar.gz at ./ltib line 790.
Died at ./ltib line 1380.