Extracting STEP 3D models of Kinetis/LPC/i.MXRT Part Numbers

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Extracting STEP 3D models of Kinetis/LPC/i.MXRT Part Numbers

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Extracting STEP 3D models of Kinetis/LPC/i.MXRT Part Numbers

Obtaining the footprint for Kinetis/LPC/i.MXRT part numbers is very straightforward using the Microcontroller Symbols, Footprints and Models Library homepage, on the following link:


What some users may not be aware of is that the BXL file available for NXP Kinetis/LPC/i.MXRT part numbers also contain the 3D model of the package, which is often needed when working on the industrial design of your application.

You may follow the steps below to export the 3D model of the package in STEP (Standard for the Exchange of Product Data) format using the Ultra Librarian software, which can be downloaded from the link on the models library homepage. A STEP (.step,stp) file stores the model in ASCII format. This format can be imported into many CAD suites that allow to work with 3D solids.

First, obtain the BXL file for the part number you are interested in. In this example the MIMXRT1052CVL5B.blx.



Then, open the Ultra Librarian project and load this file using the “Load Data” button, and select the “3D Step Model” checkbox from the Select Tools options. Finally, select the Export to Select Tools option.


Once the exporting process is finished, the step file will be available on the path UltraLibrarian/Library/Exported. 

The STEP (.stp) file can be opened in CAD suites that support solid 3D objects, like FreeCAD which is open source.


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