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/opt/imx-gpu-sdk directory

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Hi Venessa,

i have build imx-gpu-sdk for imx8mqevk, and in the /opt/ i find

imx8mqevk:/opt/imx-gpu-sdk# ls
Console GLES2 GLES3 OpenCL OpenVG Window


Does all these apps run on GC7000 gpu (vivante driver) ?how to verify that these apps are running on the gpu ?


I want reference of any app that opens camera on imx8mqevk and runs on GPU, irrespective of any graphic library it uses. Can you share link of such app to test on imx8mqevk or share a closest available app where i can take reference and develop my own on imx8mqevk.




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Hi Manivannan s,

iMX8MQ provides hardware acceleration using GPU hardware and provides imx-gpu-sdk software to utilize the same. One can use Gstreamer pipeline for the camera capture and preview. However, the encoder for iMX8MQ is not available. You can use glmark2-es2-wayland application to get the performance and benchmark for the GPU used.

Please refer the following link for more detail:

Ubuntu Manpage: glmark2-es2-wayland - OpenGL (ES) 2.0 benchmark suite 

Also, per think below link will be useful for camera application performance:

GStreamer Based Image Signal Processor - imx8 


Karan Gajjar

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