i.MX7D U-Boot not seeing ENET

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i.MX7D U-Boot not seeing ENET

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Bringing up a new i.MX7D-based board.  U-Boot doesn't see any FEC MXC ENET interfaces.  Using LAN8710ai.

According to the board designer the ENET1 hardware and configuration closely resembles the mx7dsabresd.  I am admittedly inexperienced with this bring-up task.  What should I be looking for?


Attached is a capture of the boot output; board files and modified fec_mxc.c (only fecmxc_initialize_multi() modified to dump phy search results).  Performing "mii info" after interrupting boot displays "NULL device name!  No such device: <NULL>"


Thank you,   Joe

Original Attachment has been moved to: mx7d_rpc472.c.zip

Original Attachment has been moved to: mx7d_rpc472.h.zip

Original Attachment has been moved to: fec_mxc.c.zip

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi Joseph

LAN8710ai is rmii while mx7dsabresd uses rgmii on board, it can not be reused directly

Schematics (2)
Design files for i.MX 7Dual (REV D)
Design files, including hardware schematics, Gerbers, and OrCAD files for i.MX 7Dual (REV D)

please check below link for correct rmii connections

RMII interface on the IMX7 

Best regards
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