i.MX Yocto Proyect: How can I create a new Layer?

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i.MX Yocto Proyect: How can I create a new Layer?

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It is suggested to create a layer when creating or modifying any metadata file (recipe, configuration file or class). The main reason is simple: modularity. Follow these steps

1. To have access to Yocto scripts, setup the enviroment from the BASE folder

fsl-community-bsp $ . setup-environment build

2. Move to the place you want to create your layer and choose a name (e.g. `fsl-custom`)

sources $ yocto-layer create fsl-custom

# Answer the questions. Make sure the priority is set correctly (higher numbers,

# higher priorities). Set the priority equal to the lowest already present, except

# when you have introduce a new recipe with the same name as other and want to shadow

# the original one.

3. Add any metadata content. Suggestion: Version the layer with Git and upload your local git repo to a server

4. Edit and add the layer to the `build/conf/bblayers.conf` file

5. To verify that your layer is *seen* by BitBake, run the following command under the build folder

build $ bitbake-layers show-layers

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