What is the correct contents of a .conf file for imx usb loader?

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What is the correct contents of a .conf file for imx usb loader?

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Hello everybody

Could please someone help me to create the correct .conf  file to use with the imx_usb loader to flash my board? I read the i.MX USB loader – A white paper by Tristan Lelong from ADENEO but it's not clear about how to populate the .conf file. It talks about a u-boot.flash file but that file doesn't exist and I don't know if I can just create it.

Also I saw in another discussion here in the community that another user posted a .conf example but I tried to create one similar myself it just doesn't work and I don't know why. Here is the post I'm talking about


And here is the .conf file I've created and to be honest I have no Idea what I'm doing here. I've searched for documentation about this but I simply can't find anything useful.


#hid/bulk,[old_header,]max packet size, {ram start, ram size}(repeat valid ram areas)


# Note; only dcd as first step (setup ram)


# Then load a kernel with initramfs (self contained linux) at known address

/home/userx/my-board/build/tmp/deploy/images/myboard/zImage-mfgtool-energybridge2.bin:load 0x80800000

/home/userx/my-board/build/tmp/deploy/images/myboard/fsl-image-mfgtool-initramfs-energybridge2.cpio.gz.u-boot: load 0x83800000

/home/userx/my-board/build/tmp/deploy/images/myboard/zImage-mfgtool-imx6sx-eb2.dtb: load 0x83000000

# Now, we load a u-boot that expects preloaded software at known adress

# Note, to make this boot, the clear_dcd field seems necessary

/home/userx/my-board/build/tmp/deploy/images/myboard/u-boot.imx:clear_dcd,load,plug,jump header

The addresses I'm using for the load command are the ones I find in the .xml file used for the mfg tool for windows and I use them because it seems to me that these are the addresses to use but I'm not sure though.

I'm just walking in the dark with flashing my board in linux and the imx_usb loader and utp_com documentation does not help at all.

So please! Could anybody explain to me what are the steps to take in order to download the mfg u-boot, mfg kernel, mfg initramfs and mfg dtb to the board in order to make it boot into the mfg image?

Thank you very much for helping!!

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