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Using boundary imx usb loader for MFG flashing

Question asked by Steinar thorvaldsson on Apr 3, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2015 by flx

Greetings, i'm attempting to set up the boundary devices IMX usb loader as a manufacturing tool for flashing the environment on a custom board. When executing "sudo ./imx_usb u-boot.imx u-boot.imx" Uboot starts normally and all is well.

But i'm currently having large troubles with the mx6_usb_work.conf file. The only entry after the 2 setup lines that will successfully start uboot (with plug either specified or not) is


../uboot/u-boot.imx:dcd, jump header       


Everything else results in nothing after performing a jump.

I'm attempting to implement the guidelines from the Adeneo_Whitepaper_imx_usb_loader.pdf whiepaper. According to the whitepaper the following sequence of operations should work. It should load the u-boot to be flashed into 0x1200000, load another u-boot for flashing purposes to the proper address and run, which then writes the u-boot at 0x12000000 to mmc/sd card/sata etc.....


../uboot/u-boot.imx:dcd     #Init SDRAM so we can write stuff to it

../uboot/u-boot.imx:load 0x12000000   #load target u-boot into memory

../uboot/u-boot-flasher.imx:plug, load 0x177ff400, jump header   #load flasher uboot and execute, plug prevents dcd reinitialization.


Some points to considder

-Executing ../uboot/u-boot.imx:dcd will allow me to write the files to the RAM, without it it fails which is expected

-Placing dcd anywhere after the initial one will result in failed perform_dcd in subsequent attempts, i expect plug should be placed to prevent dcd re-initialization.

-Placing the first line ../uboot/u-boot.imx:dcd at all seems to allow me to write arbitrarily to SDRAM but results in a failure to boot anything.

-This was attempted with u-boot.imx and u-boot-flasher.imx being actually the same binary so it's not a issue of u-boot-flasher.imx not working.


Has anyone achieved this ?