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UBOOT Code Development

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I am an "old school" embedded hardware geek... In my world real men write all firmware from scratch using "C"... (or at least start from hello_world.c found in some eval kit)  I'm totally lost in the Linux world...

Where is my jtag debugger and where do I plug it in.  I'm ready to fire up the IDE in Eclipse and download some code...

I have inherited an EPD based system designed by someone else, using bits and pieces of the iMX508 EVK design.  What I would like to do is learn how to write UBOOT code... That seems like the world I'm comfortable in.

I have another colleague working on the Linux stuff... My job is to verify that the HW is working right and help with software if he gets desperate.

Unfortunately, I do not have access to an iMX508 EVK right now... only the HW based on the EVK...

Someone point me in the right direction to start UBOOT code development.  Do I need to purchase a compiler from Freescale or do I just use the Linux compiler stuff for UBOOT development.

The HW I have right now runs a version of UBOOT from a plug-in SD card.  I need to add some additional commands of my own.  Unfortunately, right now, I do not have access to this source code...I'm working on getting it...

Can I download a version of UBOOT source code for the iMX508 EVK and start from there?


At the bottom of the learning curve... looking up for help...

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Contributor I

I found some stuff here...


Includes EVK Linux Hello World App Note, Read Me Doc, Release Notes, Reference Manual and User's Guide

After, downloading the tar ball... unzipping it, I found the PDF file...  uboot_mx5x.pdf.... This looks like the place for me to start...  sweet...

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