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Touch control?

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Hi every one.

I have some trouble about the touch lcd.

The freescale's lcd is seiko 43WVFIG. That's work good.

My lcd is ampire AM-800480L with the same resolution but the size is bigger, that's display well.

Both of them have the touch panel with 4 line connect to imx53.

I use the seiko driver to control ampire.I can touch the panel of ampire but the imx not get right position ( error about 2-3mm, I just measure by my eye).

I don't familliar with os system, that's I can't understand how it works.

My question is:

- I want to debug the position when I touch to the panel of LCD.

What file I need to modify to printf the x-y position to visual 2008 (in debug mode)?

After that I want to modify to make imx53 understand right position.

- If possible, can you explain what OS system work? Does it like the microcontroller work in file main.c and if interrupt happen that jump to interrupt function?

Thanks in advance.

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