SPI NOR, NAND programming via MfgTool

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SPI NOR, NAND programming via MfgTool

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Target H/W : SABRE6S-AI board

MFG tools : Mfgtools-Rel-12.09.02_ER_MX6DL_UPDATER


MFG download to SD card is fine, however it failed to SPI-NOR & NAND from SABRE-AI board for MX6 Solo.


Without any modification  I tried with the latest MFG tool releases mentioned above but still got failure. Please find failure logs in attachments.


I wonder if MFG tools has verified with Sabre-AI SPI-NOR * NAND.


[Solution] SPI NOR programming via MFG tool will be supported from ER6 onwards.

NAND is still being worked on.

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Hi Christopher,

I tried this version Mfgtools-Rel-4.1.0_130816_MX6DL_UPDATER and I was able to flash NAND ([LIST] name=MX6SOLO-Sabreauto-NAND). The only change I did is this line

-<CMD state="Updater" type="push" body="send" file="files/uImage">Sending Kernel Image</CMD>

+<CMD state="Updater" type="push" body="send" file="files/uImage-nand">Sending Kernel Image</CMD>

I used all binaries already on the MFGtool tarball. However, what I did not succeed, was flashing a rootfs.tar.bz2 with size > 128M. Seems that default u-boot (u-boot-mx6solo-sabreauto-nand.bin) needs to be recompile to change the bootargs passed to the kernel, but even with this change I did not reach prompt (a kernel panic due to invalid 'root' parameter)


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