SPI IC Flashing Issue

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SPI IC Flashing Issue

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Hi Everyone,

I am writing this post to bring to your attention an behaviour/issue we have been experiencing with SPI Flash in RT1060.

We are observing this behavioral change between two SPI IC from different vendors.

Old IC - Macronix "MX25R4035FM1IL0"
New IC - Renesas "AT25XE041D-SSHN-T"

The old IC from Macronix works well and good in our prototype boards but due to the unavailability of that IC we purchased Alternate SPI IC from Renesas which ends up in this issue.

The issue is "While providing "Read - EBh" command to the SPI IC the parse_sfdp() function will Parse SFDP parameters into FlexSPI Serial NOR Configuration Block where dummy cycles is read/configured to be 6 for Macronix IC and 12 for Renesas IC which creates this issue with Renesas IC"

We have been using the Initial Xip Mode Transfer Operation, and we have noticed that the value of the "dummy cycles" is getting varied between the Macronix and the Renesas ICs which starts its read operation with Zero as dummy(Please have a look at below image).

Please have a look at below image for dummy cycles. Image taken from Renesas datasheet.


We are curious to know why it is wrongly configured in the Renesas ICs. We have not made any changes to our setup or the code that interfaces with the IC. But when we try to set dummy cycles to be 2 considering M7-M0 as dummy cycles the Renesas IC is working fine in this case.

Please Find Attached text file containing the parse_sfdp() function which fills the FlexSPI Serial NOR Configuration Block with Serial Flash Discoverable Parameter (SFDP). 

Below Image shows the hardcoded dummy cycle in parse_sfdp() which works in renesas IC.

Hardcoded Change.png

Could you please provide us with more information on why this is getting changed? We would greatly appreciate any insights you can provide.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

Attached TeraTerm log of Macronix IC and Renesas IC for your reference.

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