S32V234: GPU number of Compute Units?

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S32V234: GPU number of Compute Units?

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Hello, I am having problems with the GPU in the S32V234 and wonder if any of you might have an idea how to solve this.

My Question: The S32V234 Reference Manual (REV 3) states under chapter 54.2.4 that the Vivante GC3000 supports 4 Compute Units. The Vivante website states the same. But when I run clinfo on the S32V234EVB (/opt/viv_samples/cl11/UnitTest) it states: CL_DEVICE_MAX_COMPUTE_UNITS: 1. Is this correct and supposed to happen? Was there an error while building the Yocto-Linux image?

I am open to all suggestions for solutions.

I am asking this question here as the S32V community is currently disabled and my support ticket has not left the “new” state for 2 weeks (Case 00222371).

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I have the same question, and I confirm the information you mentioned about max number of compute units reported by  clinfo.

I followed the steps provided in the doc for building the Yocto image including vSDK and GPU driver, OpenCL is working, but I see only one compute unit in clinfo output.

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