Re-programming of the PMIC in the SCM SoloX

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Re-programming of the PMIC in the SCM SoloX

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We have the EVB of the SCM-I.mx6SX.
In order to boot from the serial downloader (OTG USB) there is a need for 5V supply. We do not want to use an external supply of 5V, instead use the internal SWBST of the PMIC.
The PMIC is pre-configured with SWBST_SEQ set to 0 so the SWBST does not turn on by default.
We re-programmed the PMICs OTP fuses to enable the SWBST to turn on, and SWBST turns on as expected.
We read the OTP_ECCI bit and it indicates an error (OTP_ECCI=1) .
The appnote (AN4536) specifies that if the OTP_ECCI bit is 1 - the part should be rejected.

Can you please clarify what should be done in this situation?
Is there any guidlines how to re-program a PMIC which was pre-programmed?


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