Performance comparison iMX6 quad between Android 5 & 7

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Performance comparison iMX6 quad between Android 5 & 7

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We are planning to port android nougat in one of our custom iMX6 quad sabresd platform which currently is running on Android 5.0. Before starting that exercise we would to know the performance improvement  Android 7 will have on iMX6 quad platform.

We are currently in the evaluation stage , if Android 7 in iMX6 quad has significant performance improvement when compared with Android 5 in iMX6 quad  , we can go ahead with our porting exercise else we will have to look for a different option.

My question is has anyone have done a performance comparison between Android 5 & 7 in iMX6 quad processor ?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello himanshu,

For benchmarking on Android you can run Nena Mark, GFXBench benchmark and Antutu Benchmark. In our case

AnTuTu Benchmark v5.2 Results on Android M7:

                                          Android 5                 Android 7

Total Scores1893619661
RAM Operation15051687
RAM Speed688688
CPU integer(multi-thread)14571508
CPU float-point(multi-thread)17591809
CPU integer(single-thread)901971
CPU float-point(single-thread)9981086
2D graphics547667
3D graphics39844075
Storage I/O496508
Database I/O601645

These are only scores, but we have good performance comparing to other android 5. And we have very good performance using i.MX6Q


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