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OV5640 frame rate question

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Hi, I am using imx6q with OV5640 to capture structured light, and I want to ask 2 questions.

First, when I set OV5640 resolution to 640*480@30 fps, how long exactly would OV5640 take to capture one frame? Because the structured light was also changing @30fps and I can always found 2 different structured light in one captured picture, the picture shows that the structured light in top half picture is different from the bottom half picture. So I guess that OV5640 capture one frame would take more than 1/30 second, like 1/15 second. And the reason it can take 30 frames per second is that the driver uses VIDIOC_QUERYBUF to cache pictures. Is that correct?

Second, in OV5640 datasheet, when it comes to VGA@90 fps, the datasheet says that 640*480 is subsampling from 1280*960. What is this subsampling means? Does it mean that the OV5640 capture a 1280*960 frame @ 45 fps first, then take the 1280*960 frame apart to two 640*480 frames, so it can reach to 90 fps?

Thank you very much! 

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