Mfgtools persistant USB connection for increased command throughput

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Mfgtools persistant USB connection for increased command throughput

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I would like to use the mfgtools uuu to execute many fastboot ucmd's on the target as fast as possible.

I know of two methods to do this, but both have downsides:

  1. Dump commands into a text file and run 'uuu file.txt'
  2. Enter shell mode 'uuu -s' and run commands individually

The first method will not work for me, since I need to run different commands depending on the output of previous commands. I would have to create new files on the fly and incur the overhead of starting uuu each time.

The second method has a similar problem. Every time a command is entered, it takes half a second or so for the USB connection to re-establish before running the command. I see this message for every command 'New USB Device Attached at 1:23'

Is there any way to create a persistent connection in shell mode? That is, one where it doesn't have to re-connect to the USB device for every command?

Are there other alternatives like using the standard invocation 'uuu file.txt' but tricking uuu into taking input from stdin?

Ultimately, I need to send these commands from a Python script. Is there a better way to do this than starting the uuu executable in Python and piping commands through? Perhaps libuuu could be used separately?

Thanks for any suggestions,


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


I don't know if that would be possible, but the first option may be fine, you may create your own script and if you need to run a commands depending of the result

For FB use uboot if else command, while for FBK, use shell's if else command

Best regards,

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