Imx6ULL can not Boot

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Imx6ULL can not Boot

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Hello, i'm a newbe from some where :smileyhappy:, let me in!

i have Evaluation kit board for IMX6 ULL, i have problem the board can not Booting with indicate:

* power led ON

* RJ45 Port LED ON but dimming

* RGB Display once blink at start power

* RAM Memory on imx module I touch more hot enough.

I was tried to use new sdcard with new flashing linux bsp demo.

i think the problem on imx6 module must change with new one. Please tell me what your think about it?. 


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Which version BSP are you using? Here you boot up from SD card, have you download the images to your SD card successfuly? When you boot up your board the boot mode should be set up right.

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