IMX8M Core Temperature Problem

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IMX8M Core Temperature Problem

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We are using IMX8M (Version 1.2) running over our own test board (size and structure similar to EVK board) and we made a temperature test by checking the /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp for reading out the core temperature without cooling unit. Ambient temperature was the same for all tests. All other configs including modules loaded are the same.

We have the following results: 

   >>Yocto Sumo 4.14.78 (built Linux from source code) runs for 30 mins and then shuts down at 76 degrees.

   >>Yocto Sumo 4.14.78 (built Linux using bitbake, base_image), which runs continuously at 67 degrees without shutting down even after 1 hour.

    >>Yocto Morty (built Linux from source code) keeps running at 70 degrees without shutting down even after 1 hour.

Can you please share any information or related documents that can help us understand why there is a difference between when we use bitbake Vs built from source code for Sumo with respect to the core temperature?  Even when the board has a tolerance of higher core temperature why does it shut down?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi joachim ,

1. We don't have the documentation you want.

2. About core temperature monitoring

There is a thermal driver in the Linux BSP. The file name is drivers / thermal / imx_thermal.c. You can adjust the shutdown temperature.

Hope above infromation is helpful for you!

Have a nice day!



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