How to use gprs modem for getting range

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How to use gprs modem for getting range

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I have the POS terminal which uses 258 chipset with dual sim gprs modem integrated.

The gprs modem device is created as /dev/ttymxc0.

I am able to start the gprs modem and establish the data connection by providing correct settings in dialout script.

When I start the data  connection using ttymxc0 device, I need to show the signal strength at the same time,

I tried getting the signal strength using AT+CSQ command but am not able to access the device as its used by pppd,

says: can't create '/var/lock/LCK..ttymxc0': File exists

Is there any way I can get the signal strength and data at the same time? can you please provide me some pointers for fixing this issue.

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