How to RESET/Clear HAB authentication failures in i.MX6

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How to RESET/Clear HAB authentication failures in i.MX6

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I am working on enabling secure boot using HAB in my project.  I have  two OS images in my board. One will be used as the  main image and other will act as a back up. The idea is to jump to back up image if the main image authentication fails.

I could able to successfully authenticate both images separately from reset. Now I want to authenticate the back up image if the authentication of main image fails. However, I am getting previous errors/hab events,  if I authenticate back up OS image after the main image authentication fail. Is there a way to clear the previous authentication errors in HAB?

I have gone through the HAB API manual. The only relevant information about the HAB initialization is mentioned below.

"The authentication of each image in a boot sequence must be bracketed by its own hab_rvt.entry() ... hab_rvt.exit() pair in order to ensure that security state information gathered for one image cannot be misapplied to another image."

I have checked my  source and ensured that  I am calling hab_rvt.entry() ... hab_rvt.exit()  each time I authenticate an image.

Is there any API/mechanism  I can use to reset/clear the HAB errors? 

Appreciate your help...



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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport



  You may try to reboot via reset and use the persistent bits, described in section 8.4.7

(Persistent bits) of i.MX6 RM, for storing information, that will be used for Your secondary boot. 

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