How or where can I get the source code of imgutil tool of NXP for IMX6UL ?

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How or where can I get the source code of imgutil tool of NXP for IMX6UL ?

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I am using an IMX6UL processor.

I have generated the SDK using the SDK tool.

With the driver example source code, I have also got the imgutil tool to create a final bootable image.

The SDK does not provide the source code of the imgutil tool. The tool has a script to make image, DCD configurations, and prebuild exe files to create the final image.

I want to learn and understand the source code of this imgutil tool to know how the final image is created.

I have tried to check for the source code of this tool on the web and NXP website but I did not find any reference or link for this imgutil tool's source code.

Can any please provide any reference or link to the source code of imgutil tool?

Thank you..!

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport



It is not available to share, but you may find it helpful to refer to the documentation in the SDK for building an image.


Hope it helps!




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Thank you.

I have already gone through the document.

Actually, I am building an bare metal boot loader.

My bootloader program will execute in OCRAM and then the bootloader program on OCRAM will be copying the main application to the DDR RAM.

I coded this part of the code my Ivt structure and boot data as well as dcd are at correct place.

But, still the bootloader is not coming up and I am not able to find what is going wrong.

I have few questions which I listed below if you have any information or references can you please provide them to me.

1. My bootloader program will be 1st executed on OCRAM, so while flashing the image to emmc do I need to change the write command which I use with mfgtool.

My present commands are:

mmc dev 0

mmc write 80000000 0 (size of images

2. In the above command mmc write, what is 80000000 as I know it is RAM address will this address change if my program will first execute on OCRAM? 

3. Will 80000000 be replaced by OCRAM address?

4. Where can I get a very simple and very minimal startup.S as well as a simple linker script which I can use to execute my program on OCRAM? I am using gnu toolchains. I am building a program using eclipse ide.

5. Are there any standard methods for bare-metal bootloader debugging?

6. What are default emmc boot partition

How I will know where is my code residing in EMMC?


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