How do I toggle a gpio on the quick start board?

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How do I toggle a gpio on the quick start board?

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I'd like to set a gpio to be an output then toggle it using the GPIO Interfaces module built into linux.


gpio_direction_output(unsigned gpio, int value);

gpio_set_value(unsigned gpio, int value);

My problem is what to use for the value unsigned gpio - this is a number that gets mapped to a pin on the processor.

Once I get this mapping then I can refer back to the schematics and choose a pin that is connected to one of the connectors.

I can't find this mapping in the documentation and I am not experienced enough to figure it out from the source code.  Although if someone pointed me in the right direction I could probably find it :-)

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For the others new to linux arm the information is in Chapter 13 of the MX53UG.pdf