Fast Image flashing in the manufacturing

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Fast Image flashing in the manufacturing

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Hello NXP team,

Hope you are doing great.

We have developed a custom board based on i.MX6ULL processor with emmc as a boot media. Currently, we are using the MFG tool in the window machine for the flashing. The problem is each flash is taking around 12 to 15 minutes time and it is a critical issue in our production cycle because we are producing the boards in large quantities.

Please find some details of the custom board and MFG image size below.

Custom board RAM: 256 MB

Custom board Emmc: 4 GB

File system(tar.bz2): 200 MB

Build env: Yocto Warrior 

Please give your valuable advice on the below queries.

1. By using the MFG tool we can able to flash only one device at a time and it takes 12 to 15 minutes for each flashing. So is there any way we can reduce the flashing time? 

2. Is there any way we can flash multiple custom boards in parallel?

3. There is multiple flasher utility available for the flashing like imx_usb_loader, uuu and MFG tool, which one is best that can be preferable in the production cycle?

Please note: We are worried about the flashing time for the mass production, your early inputs can be helpful for us to resolve this issue.


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Hi @igorpadykov 

Thanks for quick response, 

I was on leave and due to that not able to get back to you for this query, will go through the above link and will get back to you.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi prabhunath_gupt


I am afraid there is no way for faster programming. 

Multiple devices can be programmed, one can look at below presentation p.9,

it also describes differencies between uuu tool and mfg tool:


Best regards

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