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i.MX25 Reference Manual

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i.MX25 Reference Manual

This is a copy of the currently posted i.MX25 reference manual to be used to enter community comments.  Please feel free to add inline comments in this reference manual. You can point out where more information is needed or where existing information is incorrect.  You can also enter information in your comment that expands on existing information in the document, based on your experience with the device.  If you are pointing out that more information is needed in a paragraph or a section, please be very specific, not “needs more information”.  Your comments in this manual may help other members and will drive improvements in this and future documentation.

Note: The doc viewer does not support going directly to a specified page.  Instead of manually paging through one page at a time, you can do a search on a string on a page such as "types of resets", or you can go to chapter links listed in the inline comments.  To do this, page down to the comments below the doc view, select "Inline Comments", sort the comments by "page", and then select the chapter you want to view.

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In Table 4-5 (SW_PAD_CTL_GRP_DDRTYPE Field Descriptions) DDR_TYPE Field should be set as following :

00 Mobile DDR type

01 SDRAM type

10 DDR2 type

11 Reserved

Those settings are provided in Table 555: (Register: IOMUXC_SW_PAD_CTL_GRP_DDRTYPE) of the i.MX25 RM,

and the i.MX35RM contains correct information in Table 4-6 (IOMUXC_SW_PAD_CTL_GRP_DDRTYPE_GRPn Field Descriptions).
(IMX35 and i.MX25 have very similar memory controllers.)

It should be

"The maximum legal value for the write watermark level is 128" in Table 23-26


"The maximum legal value for the write watermark level is 127".

The default / reset value 0b00100 for the burst length fields (WR_BRST_LEN and RD_BRST_LEN)

is correct (instead of 0b01000)

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