Task #6 - Customize the image

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Task #6 - Customize the image

Task #6 - Customize the image

Don't forget to update your source code.

How to customize the image

Enter <yocto>/source and find any image available:

$ find -name *image*.bb




































The above images (and packages with 'image' in file name) may be used as a base image, where new packages may be added, or example of new images.

bitbake -s  shows any *available* package locally. Grep for the name of desired package:

$ bitbake -s | grep calibrat

calibrateproto                      :0.0+gitAUTOINC+1da6fd1e2c7a49648245c98481fabea8b9690a8c-r2            

libxcalibrate                       :0.0+gitAUTOINC+209d83af61ed38a002c8096377deac292b3e396c-r0            

xinput-calibrator                   :0.7.5+gitAUTOINC+c01c5af807cb4b0157b882ab07a893df9a810111-r1

For example, the package name is xinput-calibrator, in order to include this package this would be the string needed.

The dependency tree is shown with

$ bitbake -g fsl-image-test

For the fsl-image-test. Or any other image

Include the package name on the image definition file.

$ cd meta-fsl-demos/

$ vim recipes-fsl/images/fsl-image-test.bb

Include the package name on IMAGE_INSTALL list:


    packagegroup-fsl-gstreamer \

    packagegroup-fsl-tools-testapps \

    packagegroup-fsl-tools-benchmark \

xinput-calibrator \


In order to include the package on any image, configure conf/local.conf file the as the following:

MACHINE ??= 'imx6qsabresd'

DISTRO ?= 'poky'

PACKAGE_CLASSES ?= "package_rpm"

EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES = "debug-tweaks tools-sdk"

USER_CLASSES ?= "buildstats image-mklibs image-prelink"






CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL += "xinput-calibrator"

And then

$ bitbake fsl-image-test

In order to add debug or native builder include on conf/local.conf:


Every image created after that will include development tools. The same may be included in any bb image file.

From Poky description:

'tools-sdk" - Adds development tools such as gcc, make, pkgconfig and so forth.

"dev-pkg" - Adds -dev packages for all installed packages. This is useful if you want to develop against the libraries in the image.

"tools-debug" - Adds debugging tools such as gdb and strace.

If you don't like command line, or you prefer a window-like interface, you can take a look on HOB.

See hob documentation https://www.yoctoproject.org/documentation/hob-manual

See getting started video for hob Introducing Hob - YouTube

Go to Yocto Training - HOME

Go to Task #5 - Kernel

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perhaps, in the process of debugging, it is useful to have unstripped libraries in the image, which is enabled in the conf/local.conf by:


Rather than hacking at fsl-image-test.bb it may be better to create a client layer e.g.


include recipes-fsl/images/fsl-image-test.bb


    xinput-calibrator \


export IMAGE_BASENAME = "mylayer-image-test"

How can I add a touch screen like this: http://boundarydevices.com/products/7-800x480-display/ to the image? Do I have to add a driver? At the moment I'm using the fsl-image-gui-imx6sabreauto

The screen is already working but the touch does not :smileysad:

By the way: the mentioned layer built perfectly from scratch in 8 hours on my intel centrino duo on Ubuntu 12.04 WITHOUT patching anything :smileyhappy:

Bye bye LTIB...

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