SDMA ap_to_ap Fixed Scripts (i.MX6DQ)

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SDMA ap_to_ap Fixed Scripts (i.MX6DQ)

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SDMA ap_to_ap Fixed Scripts (i.MX6DQ)

The attached patch applies to iMX6_Platform_SDK for i.MX6 Dual and Quad and brings 2 additional SDMA memory to memory scripts:

  • fixed destination address, increasing source address
  • fixed source address, increasing destination address.

With this patch, the new scripts are also integrated in the SDMA Test menu of the Platform SDK.

I created these scripts starting from the ROM script ap_to_ap. In order to dump the content of the SDMA ROM, I used mxc_printSDMAcontext function which is also included in the attached patch and can be invoked when needed.

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Thank you for the post.

Are these ap_to_ap_fixed RAM scripts capable of accessing the external EIM bus?

Example: Main RAM to  fixed address at  EIM bus

Yes, it's in the ap domain.

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