Fastboot – deferred init

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Fastboot – deferred init

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Fastboot – deferred init

When to improve kernel booting using hibernation [1], I found kernel initialized each component [2] took too much time.

One solution is to remove unnecessary module to save time. Another approach is to delay those modules until user space up. Then it won’t lost some features just because hopes to gain benefit on booting speed. This is very useful since hibernation’s trigger point is at the late_initcall [3]. Kernel doesn't need do much module initialize since hibernate will restore those module status later.

The detailed implementation is in the attached patch.

[1]: hibernation is a technique to store system memory content to storage. Then the device can be shutdown and read the content back after power on.

[2]: component means subsystem or driver.

[3]: Consult kernel/power/hibernate.c, software_resume

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Hello jay tu

I am trying to implement hibernation on android 2.3 using freescale QSB board.

On linux file system it is working fine.

But when I switch to android while resume it hangs/crashes.

Could you please help on this.

With Regards,


Can you describe more specific on your symptom?


Hi Jay Tu,

Can you please suggest some documents about the hibernation booting techniques in Android.

Thanks in Advance,


Hi Roopesh,

Sorry, I can’t. We used several ways to improve it and it is not allowed to public now.

You can contact Freescale Marketing to get more detail.




Hi JayTu,

At least Can you tell me some high level input or public web site link ?

Thanks & regards


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