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Build Manufacturing Firmware

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Build Manufacturing Firmware


The mfgtool is the tool download the images to i.MX series of applications processors. It’s convenient and easy use to download the images to your board. About its introductions, work flow and use guide you can see details in the Document file of mfgtool.

If customers use our reference boards, they can directly use the default mfgtools we supply for every version BSP and board.

But when customers design board and do porting with our i.MX series processors. As they do many changes from our reference board, they need to rebuild the images for their board and for the download tool mfgtool.

In the old version BSP, take the L3.0.35_4.1.0_130816 version as an example. When finishing porting the BSP for design board.

Run the following command line to generate the manufacturing firmware.

./ltib --profile config/platform/imx/updater.profile --preconfig config/platform/imx/ --continue –batch

Build manufactuting fimare.PNG

For android BSP Android4.2.2, one can use the follow command:

make distclean

make mx6dl_sabresd_mfg_config


In the newest BSP, for linux BSP in yocto use the command:

$ bitbake fsl-image-mfgtool-initramfs

Build images for mfgtool.PNG

For the newest android BSP, the command” make mx6dl_sabresd_mfg_config” can not use anymore. So how to get the \Profiles\Linux\OS Firmware\firmware\u-boot-imx6dlsabresd_sd.imx?

The easiest way that you can use the u-boot you build for your board, and in the newest BSP, mfgtool can use the same u-boot with the normal u-boot for your board. You do not need to build the u-boot for mfgtool separately. They can use the same one.

uboot for mfgtool share with nomal run.PNG

Hope this can do some help for you.


This says for the newest BSP you don't need a mfg version of U-Boot and can use the normal U-Boot.

Can you clarify the version of "newest BSP".

I am using Android N7.1.2 for iMX6  (U-Boot is u-boot-2017.03, kernel is 4.9.17). Will this version support using same U-boot for both normal and MFG?



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