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All Boards NFS on Slackware

Network File System (NFS)

Setting the host

1 - Install NFS Service on host typing:

your slackware linux probably already have a version of nfs-utils installed, but if it doesn't you can get it downloading the nfs-utils from:  
then as root:  

#installpkg nfs-utils-1.0.7-i386-1.tgz

2 - Setup exports typing:

$sudo kedit /etc/exports 

and add the following line:

/tftpboot/ltib/ *(rw,no_root_squash,async) 

3 - Reestart the NFS server:

$sudo /etc/rc.d/rc.rpc restart 
$sudo /etc/rc.d/rc.nfsd restart

Now the host is ready to use NFS.

Setting Target Linux Image to use NFS

1 - Run LTIB configuration typing:

$./ltib -c 

2 - On first page menu, go to "Target Image Generation -> Options" as in the picture below.


3 - Select the option NFS only and exit LTIB configuration to compile with the new configuration.


4 - LTIB should start new compiling and create a new Linux image on /<ltib instalation folder>/rootfs/boot/zImage

5 - Copy the created image on /<ltib instalation folder>/rootfs/boot/zImage to /tftpboot/zImage

6 - The system is ready to run with NFS. The root file system on target will be located on host on /<ltib instalation folder>/rootfs/

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