Using Wireshark protocol analyzer and MC1322x USB dongle

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Using Wireshark protocol analyzer and MC1322x USB dongle

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Using Wireshark protocol analyzer and MC1322x USB dongle

This document describes how to sniff ZigBee packets to identify messages and layers from the ZigBee stack using the MC1322x USB dongle and Wireshark protocol analyzer.



  • If not done yet, download & Install Wireshark protocol analyzer

  • Download the Wireshark ZigBee Utility Zip file from Sourceforge

  • Unzip the file in a known location


1. Install MC1322x dongle

  • Plug-in MC1322xUSB dongle and wait for Windows to install the driver. If the driver was not found, steer Windows manually to the directory

        C:\Program Files\Freescale\Drivers

  • If BeeKit is not installed, be aware of the following:

    • The 1322x USB Dongle uses the FTDI serial to USB converter, Virtual COM Port (VCP) driver for Windows, available at
    • The FTDI web site offers drivers for other platforms including Windows® (98 through Vista x64 and CE), MAC OS (8 through X) and Linux.
    • Download the appropriate driver and follow the instructions to complete driver installation.

2. Check COM port

  • Once installed, the MC1322xUSB dongle should be listed in the available COM ports in Widows device manager.
  • Verify the board’s drivers were successfully installed and take note of the COM port assigned


3. Run the ZigBee Utility

  • Open a command console and navigate to the directory where Wireshark Zigbee utility files were unzipped.


  • Then start the .exe utility and set the serial port and ZigBee channel to monitor, for instance:


4. Setting Wireshark

  • Start Wireshark and open Capture>Options Dialog


  • Click on “Manage Interfaces” and add a new pipe with ‘\\.\pipe\wireshark’. Save it and start capture.


5. Start sniffing


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