How to change the KSDK_PATH variable in my PC

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How to change the KSDK_PATH variable in my PC

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How to change the KSDK_PATH variable in my PC

The connectivity software is an add-on of the Kinetis SDK, therefore the demos are referenced to a KSDK path variable named "KSDK_PATH" in IAR.

The KSDK_PATH variable contains the path of the installation folder for the KSDK version in your PC.

Taking as an example the MRB-KW01 SMAC Connectivity Software, we can realize that this variable is used to reference for libraries.


In particular, this SMAC software for the MRB-KW01 works with KSDK 1.2, that is why you could have troubles if the variable is referenced to another KSDK version (for example KSDK 1.1).

Follow the next steps to modify the KSDK_PATH variable in your computer:

1. Right click on "computer", then click "properties"


2. A Control Panel window will be opened. Click on "Advanced system settings"


3. A system Properties windows will be opened. Select the "Advanced" tab, then click "Environment Variables".


4. Select the KSDK_PATH variable and assure that it stores the correct path needed for your project. In case that you need to modify the variable, then click "Edit"


5. Finally click "Ok" to close all tabs and you will be able to run your connectivity software without problems.

Best regards,

Luis Burgos.

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