From MQX to Baremetal

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From MQX to Baremetal

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I'm trying to do something complicated.

I have code written for Crossworks,a Baremetal project for M4.

I don't need,and probably it should be only a complication, to use MQX.

The only problem with this is that the MCC and examples,are written only for LINUX(A5)/MQX(M4), or MQX(A5)/MQX(M4).

I am only interested to not change the MCC part on linux,if it is possible,but only the MQX part of MCC.

Do you think that it is possible and not so complex?

What's the best way in your opinion?

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Hello Alessandro,

It should be possible to port MCC to another RTOS; however, I cannot say the exact amount of time it would take, as Timesys has not used the Crossworks baremetal project.

We would imagine the MCC sources for MQX would be the best starting point. These are located in your MQX installation directory, at mcc/source/.

We also have an MCC User Guide available at the following location, which has more information about the MCC API and implementation:


Timesys Support.

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NXP Apps Support

timesyssupport can you help to attend this case?

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